Our Work


Laika -Accounting Liaison Service

Laika is an online service designed to support SME owners with the routine tasks of gathering, verifying, and submitting accounting materials to their accountants. Leveraging automation, Laika is adept at importing transaction histories from all bank accounts across Hungarian banks, simplifying the process of accounting compilation. The system can categorize everyday bank items, like bank charges.

Further, Laika can automatically import a company’s invoice data using the tax authority’s online data service and process invoices received via email, attached to selected invoices, or uploaded in bulk. The system automatically records invoice data produced with artificial intelligence-enhanced machine vision.

Laika automatically compares financial and invoice data and provides a range of useful filters to assist in compiling accounting material. These include readily accessible views of the categorized list of bank items not covered by invoices, a list of invoices not tied to any bank item, and a list of invoices missing an invoice image.

Our service streamlines communication by providing notifications and comments tailored to specific accounting entries and periods. We employ a transparent messaging system that enhances interactions between accountants and companies and facilitates efficient delegation of responses. This streamlined system also provides a simple and manageable method for tracking all client exchanges.

Additionally, Laika offers an online storage service, creating a unified platform for the bi-directional sharing of statements, invoice images, contracts, and reports.




The Results

“Laika’s online service is an indispensable tool for any SME owner. Automating the demanding task of compiling and submitting accounting materials allows you to focus on what truly matters – growing your business.”

In-house Innovation

We strive to stay at the forefront of innovation, applying the latest technology to real-world challenges. In our view, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a game-changer, so we’ve centered our services around it.

Our AI-powered systems can classify bank and invoice data, which enables us to offer financial data services. This includes comparing company expenses to similar companies and providing valuable insights to support informed financial decisions.

In addition, we’ve developed an AI-powered chatbot capable of answering general and company-specific accounting queries. This tool significantly enhances the customer service capabilities of accounting firms, making them more efficient and responsive to their client’s needs.