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Sexy Buddha is a media-centric software development team from Hungary. We have significant experience in the movie industry and innovative software projects from the web to native applications. Our office is in the Pannonia Studio, home of movie post-production companies covering the complete post-production workflow.

Sexy Buddha

Modern Web Applications



JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, SASS, React, Angular



Node.js, Java Spring, PHP



MySQL, PostgresSQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, JDBC



AWS Cloud



Github Actions, Gitlab CI



AWS CDK, Terraform, Ansible

Native Media Applications


GPU Programming

OpenCL, Metal, Vulkan


Programming Languages

C++, C#, Python


FPGA Programming

Xilinx Vitis Software Platform


Application Frameworks

Unity, Unreal, Adobe, OpenFX


Color Science

ACES, OpenColorIO


Kernel Driver Development

Low-level driver development on macOS & Windows


Low-level Optimizations

Network, Disk IO



Linux, macOS, Windows

UI/UX Design

We  create user-friendly and eye-catching interfaces.








We have been building international movie industry softwares for 20 years.

Interactive Kiosk

Invitel, a leading Hungarian R&D company, asked us to create a next-generation kiosk system that can provide a telepresence experience both on kiosk endpoints and the web.

Agriculture IoT Solution

One of the Hungarian agricultural R&D companies asked us to develop a system to monitor temperature, humidity, air pressure, and water flow to prevent heat stress and optimize airflow/cooling in dairy farms.

Lens Data for Unreal Engine

We developed a live link plugin for Unreal Engine that enables live lens data to be streamed directly into Unreal Engine. Physical lens parameters like focus, iris, and zoom values are streamed live for multiple cameras.

Torrent Based Streaming

We created a multi-platform application to stream videos from custom torrent feeds. The application collects metadata from public databases to display information about the available videos.

Video Chat Platform

We implemented a WebSocket-based text chat and WebRTC-based video chat.

Camera Control

We received a hardware manufacturer’s request to reverse engineer the control commands of a movie camera to integrate them into their controllers.




Meet Our Members

Gábor Forgács
Gábor Forgács

Chief Technology Officer

Senior Software Developer

Andor Fehér
Andor Fehér

Senior Frontend Developer

András Kovács
András Kovács

Senior Backend Developer

Sengnirane Chounramany
Sengnirane Chounramany

UI/UX Designer

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Pannónia Stúdió

Hűvösvölgyi út 64. 1021 Budapest, Hungary
+36 70 3626 251

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