Our Work


Vivien – Interactive Kiosk System

Our client, Invitel, a leading telecommunication company with a significant market presence in Hungary, enlisted our expertise to develop an innovative kiosk system. This ambitious project aimed to facilitate a cutting-edge telepresence experience that could be accessed not only through physical kiosk terminals but also online. This advanced solution is intended to function as a versatile platform for multiple service providers, incorporating over ten different services and multiple multiplatform applications.

Our dedicated team was fully engaged in every stage of the project’s development cycle. The project was initiated with the system architecture and user interface design, which were meticulously crafted based on detailed user stories to ensure a highly intuitive and user-friendly experience. This preliminary stage was followed by the full-scale implementation of the system, a critical phase involving the translation of design into a functional, robust system.

Our responsibilities did not conclude with the development phase. We also oversaw the system’s deployment on the client’s private networks, ensuring that the transition was seamless and that the system was fully operational in its intended environment. Moreover, we facilitated the smooth integration of the new system with the companies’ pre-existing systems, ensuring compatibility and interoperability for a streamlined user experience.

Understanding how important security and reliability are in our digital world, we took part in auditing processes. We showed our commitment to a safe and reliable system by helping to get ISO 27001 certified. This certification process checked that we were following the best practices for information security management. It showed that we are committed to keeping information safe, private, and available by managing risks and giving confidence to those interested.




The Results

“Flexible. Intelligent. Reliable.”

Zoltan Tarr
Product Manager


Invitel is a significant player in the Hungarian telecommunication and information market. Invitel offers residential and business customers and wholesale partners various services, including fixed telephony, mobile telephony, broadband internet, IT services, networking solutions, and digital TV​. Invitel employs over 1,000 people​.