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Agriculture IoT

Dairy Radar

Radar Dairy, a revolutionary development by a Hungarian agricultural technology provider, harnesses the power of the modern cloud and IoT technologies to improve dairy farming operations. Utilizing AWS for cloud infrastructure, the system efficiently collects and processes data from numerous sensors across various dairy farms. The data transmission employs Chirpstack, an open-source LoRaWAN Network Server, which ensures secure and scalable IoT connectivity. NodeJS is utilized in the system’s architecture to provide a serverless decoding method, which processes data from different sensor manufacturers, enhancing the system’s versatility.

The technology offers both real-time alerts and comprehensive reports. For real-time alerts, an SMS system was developed to notify clients about critical environmental changes. Scheduled daily and monthly reports in PDF format are compiled using PowerBI, providing farmers with a user-friendly way to visualize their data and make informed decisions. Thingsboard, an open-source IoT platform, provides detailed insights about temperature, humidity, air pressure, and water flow for data analysis and visualization. This end-to-end solution is designed to optimize dairy farm conditions and be adaptable for broader agricultural applications.


Agriculture IoT


The Results

“The Radar system has revolutionized our approach to dairy farming, enabling us to optimize our operations by responding proactively to environmental changes.”

Concept to Implementation

Overall, developing the Radar Dairy system was a comprehensive process that combined state-of-the-art technology with deep agricultural understanding to enhance the conditions for dairy cows and, as a result, increase milk production. The system’s continuous monitoring, early alerts, and detailed reports ensured that farm operators could stay informed and proactive in managing their operations.