Interactiv kiosk system that makes multiple customer services virtually accessible with a personal customer experience.

Personal, Virtual, Multiple Service Providers


A kiosk that makes customer service virtually accessible with the usual convenience of traditional physical customer service.

Mobil Kiosk

The free-to-carry kiosk is built into a vehicle to make customer service physically available anywhere.

Eye contact

Kiosk solutions allow you to maintain eye contact between the customer and the customer service representative.

Two-way document sharing

Communication with the same convenience of physical customer service using a two-way shared workspace.

Discreet, user-friendly technology

Simple, age-friendly interface.

Online mode

Easy web access to customer services within a single customer service system with kiosks.

Multiple providers on one platform

A physical kiosk can make multiple customer services available.

Vivien dispatcher service

Optional use of dispatcher service.

Secure integration with customer service systems

It can be easily and securely integrated into existing customer service systems.


When can Vivien help?

Reaching new customers in small settlements

Customer service peak management

Providing expert staff regardless of location

Where can Vivien help?

Banking, financial services

Utility providers

Customer service tasks in insurance administration

When personal customer support is needed but it is costly to implement


Multichannel Administration Otherwise

Vivien Kiosk

Vivien Kiosk

Vivien Points can provide full service for a given service provider at any time.

Vivien Mobile Kiosk

Vivien Mobile Kiosk

Vivien travels the country and provides a quality, personalized experience as a mobile helpdesk in smaller towns and cities.

Vivien Online

Vivien Online

The online version of Vivien supports most modern desktop and mobile browsers. It can be easily integrated into existing websites and customer service systems.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Special kiosk services can be controlled by the administrator, including the launch of predefined workflows, content sharing, and the use of kiosk cameras.

Video Identification

Easy video identification process for customers

Two-factor identification

Embedded in a website or from Vivien customer stand endpoints

Easy-to-use identification packages

Clear data management

The contract with Vivien is smooth!

Cooperation is more efficient with a pre-defined contracting process

We support a secure session with video and audio recording

Signature integration in real time

Benefits of the Vivien system

Customizable solution

One system, multiple platforms, choose your target audience, according to your needs

Customizable look

Easy online integration

Wide access

Personal customer service experience in smaller settlements as well

One administrator can serve multiple endpoints

Allows desk officers to work remotely, even from home

Cutting-edge technology solutions that do not require technical skills from customers

Innovative technology

Image and sound recording, easy retrieval

Supports omnichannel administration


Collaborative Content Share

The operator can share any content they want with the client and both can work on it together. Shared content can be a web page or a PDF document.

Peer To Peer

Video calls are dedicated between two parties

Video Identification

The two-factor video identification process, in line with the relevant MNB regulation.

Distributed Data Storage

The video and metadata storage can be stored inside or outside the Vivien system.

Adaptive Video

The quality of calls is adapted to the parties’ internet connection. 


ISO 27001 compliant security elements.

Vivien Safe API

Service providers can manage their data securely and integrate Vivien’s data into their existing systems.

Monitoring call statistics

Historical and real-time reports are available for calls.

Filling in individual questionnaires

Administrators can fill in a questionnaire set by the service provider at the end of the service.

Digital signature

Customers have the option to sign digitally in the process set by the service provider.

Collaborative document reading

At the Vivien endpoint, the document presented by the client can be scanned by the administrator and areas can be assigned in real-time.

Management of entitlements

User permissions can be dynamically configured. You can customize which administrator has access to which functions and which topics they can search.


Providers can set up their branding material, colors, logos, ads.

Queue Management

The capability-based queue management system allocates incoming calls based on the capability groups defined by the service provider.

QR Code

Send and read QR codes

Customer satisfaction measurement

After the transaction, the customer can provide immediate feedback via the electronic interface.

Integration of individual peripherals

If required, it is also possible to integrate specific hardware devices, e.g., signature pad, card reader, scales.

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