Agriculture IoT Solution

One of the Hungarian agricultural R&D companies asked us to develop a system to monitor temperature, humidity, air pressure, and water flow to prevent heat stress and optimize airflow/cooling in dairy farms.

We focused on providing usable data and alerts to increase milk production, using almost a hundred sensors among multiple dairy farms.

The IoT system helped the clients to react to sudden or recurring environmental changes and adjust day-to-day operations with the help of scheduled daily and monthly PDF reports and SMS alerts.

We designed a scalable, multipurpose monitoring solution with the ability to extend beyond agricultural usage and created a serverless decoding method to process different manufacturers’ sensors data.

Challenges we have faced


  • Code-based deployment on AWS for the complete backend
  • On location deploy and setup sensors
  • Queue and process thousands of incoming data requests
  • Handle invalid data coming from malfunctioning sensors
  • Monitor and filter out system anomalies
  • Provide useful graphs and summaries for different clients
  • Real time and historical monitoring with maps and building layouts

Technologies used

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