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Preserving Local Cultural Characters Through Generative AI

Blog, Pannónia Stúdió

Let’s Reinvent Mirr Murr

AI technology is advancing, enabling us to generate images of well-known figures, like Darth Vader, in any imaginable context. However, these AI tools, such as Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, are less knowledgeable about less recognized or local cultural characters, especially those from smaller nations like Eastern European countries. For instance, beloved characters from the Hungarian puppet movie “Mirr Murr” and cartoons produced by Pannonia Studio in Hungary aren’t included in the global AI models’ training data.

Midjourney and Mirr Murr

What does Midjourney know about Mirr Murr? Well, not much.


Stable Diffusion and Mirr Murr

What does Stable Diffusion know about Mirr Murr? Well, not much more.


Preserving Cultural Heritage

These lesser-known characters risk being forgotten if we don’t work to preserve them. One way to combat this is using AI to learn and replicate these characters, thus helping them maintain relevance. Training high-quality AI models to identify and recreate these characters is a significant challenge. We must provide the AI with various images featuring these characters from different contexts. AI can generate modern, updated versions of these characters with this data.

Visualize Mirr Murr performing everyday tasks, interacting with other characters in AI-generated images, or something more unusual like exploring a Martian landscape.

This approach could keep these iconic characters vibrant and significant, enabling new generations to grasp their cultural importance. Incorporating local cultural characters into AI can boost cultural diversity within AI technologies, potentially making the digital age more inclusive.

We aimed to generate the Mirr Murr character in new situations while maintaining the style of the original cartoon. This training enables our model to create brand-new images of Mirr Murr that are faithful to the original design and spirit. 

The Mirr Murr Model 

See below the example images that our AI model has generated.

Gabor Forgacs